Things I Am Absolutely Going to Do in 2013

January 2nd, 2013 1 Comment

Here is an ambitious list of things I am absolutely 100%, for realsies going to do this year. Seriously.

  1. Write at least 50 blog posts.
  2. Learn the crap out of JavaScript.
  3. Watch this video series on Code Igniter.
  4. Build my first major project in a PHP framework (probably Code Igniter).
  5. Build at least 10 games for the web, at least one of them using EaselJS.
  6. Make my first mobile app.
  7. Redesign this blog.
  8. Read more tech news.
  9. Build the e-commerce site I’ve been promising to build my Mom for like 3 years.
  10. Get to know one editor really well. Sublime? Vim? We’ll see.
  11. Try out HTML and CSS preprocessing.
  12. Buy all the cool development tools/subscriptions I’ve been wanting, but have been too cheap to shell out the cash for (Typekit, Code Kit, Treehouse, etc.)
  13. Contribute to an open source project.


How’s that for a to do list? But hey, I’ve already started on my first resolution. One post down, 49 to go!

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  1. Kash dymé says:

    So how many of these things did you wind up doing?

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